Bridging the ‘Insight-Adoption’ Gap

How can Market Researchers achieve more impact?

All too often, great research does not result in great outcomes for client companies. Gideon Barker has identified this and calls it the Insight-Adoption Gap’. The first of the Insightflow Cafe Community Events Series will look at why this happens and what might be done to help bridge that gap.

In the recent Insightflow informal survey about what makes market researchers happy, nearly 70% of responders asked for happy clients. Most often this was described in terms of producing real impact on and for the client organisations commissioning the research.

However we have also heard how hard it is to achieve great impacts. Whether it’s a failure of engagement from the researchers or clients asking the wrong question for the wrong reasons it is clear that much research goes to waste. 

We’ve gathered 3 great speakers to discuss this important issue and look at approaches to bridging the Insight-Adoption gap.

Gideon Barker – Insight Director at CustomerIQ

Zoe Kelleher – Customer Services Director at Inviqa

Amanda Wigginton – Founder at AWC Ltd

Our planned agenda  looks at:

  1. What is the ‘insight adoption gap’ and why does it matter?
  2. What do researchers need to do to help close that gap?
  3. What do clients need to do to increase the impact of the research they commission?

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