1. Arabica

Earn your Arabica Grade Bean by engaging with all the community has to offer

We love good coffee at Insightflow. The Arabica bean is the most grown coffee bean in the world and has many different flavours depending on how it is roasted. Just like the coffee bean, our Arabica grade members are many and varied. But they do all share a few things in common…

Firstly, they are regulars in the café. Secondly they have involved themselves in Café life by connecting with other members, contributing content, supporting people and by bringing in new members.

You get out of the Café what you put in. Reaching the Arabica Grade is a great way to maximise the opportunities on offer. So get out there, make connections, contribute content, support your fellow members and tell the world about our Café.

You can check your points balance at any time by clicking the “points earned” link in your profile.

People who have reached this rank:

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