4. Excelsa

Earn the rarified Excelsa Grade Bean by taking a leading role in Café life

The Excelsa bean is the least grown coffee bean in the world and is an interesting mix of sweet, tart and smokey roasted flavours. Only 7% of the coffee grown in the world is Excelsa so it is much rarer than the other types of coffee. Our Excelsa grade members help to run the Café and make it a great place to be.

They are in the café alot. They help organize Café events and are prominent and well connected in the community. They contribute lots of content, speak at events and are thought leaders in the Café. They act as guides to new members, help existing ones and advocate for the Café out in the world. They are heavily involved in running the Café for the benefit of members.

You get out of the Café what you put in. Reaching the Robusta Grade shows you are a really engaged and valued member. So redouble your efforts to, make connections, contribute content, support your fellow members and tell the world about our Café.

1 Requirement

  • Earn 1000 points