3. Liberica

Earn your Liberica Grade Bean by ongoing deep commitment to Café life

We love good coffee at Insightflow. The Liberica bean is the third most grown coffee bean in the world and is known for its size and smokey, chocolatey flavour. Only 7% of the coffee grown in the world is Liberica so it is much rarer than Arabica or Robusta. Our Liberica grade members have really gone the extra mile to make the Café a great place to be.

They are in the café alot. They have really involved themselves in Café life by connecting with lots of other members, contributing lots of content, supporting people all the time, bringing in new members and getting involved in running the Café for the benefit of members.

You get out of the Café what you put in. Reaching the Robusta Grade shows you are a really engaged and valued member. So redouble your efforts to, make connections, contribute content, support your fellow members and tell the world about our Café.

1 Requirement

  • Earn 500 points