2. Robusta

Earn your Robusta Grade Bean by pushing your Café activity to the next level

We love good coffee at Insightflow. The Robusta bean is the second most grown coffee bean in the world and is known for its strong, robust flavour. Just like the coffee bean, our Robusta Grade members have shown themselves to be strong, robust members of the Café. They have really engaged in Café life.

They are in the café frequently. Secondly they have really involved themselves in Café life by connecting with lots of other members, contributing content, supporting people regularly and by bringing in new members.

You get out of the Café what you put in. Reaching the Robusta Grade shows you are a really engaged and valued member. So redouble your efforts to, make connections, contribute content, support your fellow members and tell the world about our Café.

You can check your points in your profile page under the “points earned” menu.

1 Requirement

  • Earn 200 points

People who have reached this rank:

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  • Profile photo of David Rider
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