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Is video a game changer for Market Research?

Will video become a central tool for Market Researchers?

It seems clear that 2020 will change a lot of the ways we work.

Video has been on the rise for several years. At Insightflow we’re keen to know how much impact you think video might have on the Market Research industry.

We’ve identified 3 use cases where it may lead to different ways of working – there may be more and indeed, the following examples may not be right!

– Video becomes a core tool in the execution of primary research. We’ve already seen a number of video platforms that are offering the chance to accelerate and facilitate the process of conducting primary research will they become widely used?

– Research team collaboration. Does video help or hinder the process of collaboration in creating high quality insights and research reports?

– Presenting results. Personal presentation back to clients has always been one of the preferred way to ensure that research lands well in the client organisation. Will there be a take-up of doing these presentations via video?

What do you think? What other processes and tools might be enhanced or hindered by the use of video?

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