CDN is committed to the transparent and regular reporting of Diamond data and continues towork with researchers and statisticians on analysis of our data and to review data quality.This fifth annual report presents Actual diversity data for 859,603 contributions made to TVprogrammes broadcast between 1 August 2020 and 31 July 2021. Those contributions canbe thought of as a sample of all the contributions that went into making all the original TVprogrammes shown by the five broadcasters during that period. The diversity characteristicsof those 859,603 contributions can be thought of as estimates of the ‘true’ diversitycharacteristics of all contributions made to TV programmes shown that year.As with any collection method, it is important to understand the degree of certainty aroundthose estimates, and any bias in the collection process that may be affecting our results.

‘The Fifth Cut: Diamond at 5’ report into diversity in UK broadcasting.


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