HarperCollins releases its first ethnicity pay gap report | The Bookseller

HarperCollins releases its first ethnicity pay gap report | The Bookseller

HarperCollins has released its first ethnicity pay gap report alongside its annual one for gender pay, announcing it will now use diverse, balanced shortlists for senior roles.
In total 77% of staff volunteered to share their ethnicity. Director of people John Athanasiou (pictured) said this was a “pretty healthy response” for the first year of the report, but stressed the publisher wants to improve the figures next year.
Data showed 10.1% of employees are from an ethnic minority background and there is a mean ethnicity pay gap of 8.2%. The mean pay gap is measured by adding up all the salaries and dividing it by the number of employees.
The publisher said this is driven by a lack of diversity in the top quartile, especially among the senior leadership, including in the HarperCollins’ executive committee, where only one person is from an ethnic minority background.  
The median gap – the figure that falls in the middle of all employees’ salaries from lowest to highest paid – was close to zero (-0.4%). HarperCollins said this is because there is greater representation of ethnic minority employees within the middle quartiles, where the median employee in each group sits, than across the company as a whole.
There was a mean ethnicity bonus gap of 38%, again due to having fewer employees who are from ethnic minority backgrounds at the top of the company where higher bonuses are paid, while there was a negative median bonus gap of -7.1%. 
HarperCollins said one of its key priorities going forward is to increase the ethnic diversity of its senior leadership teams and announced that from 2022 it will be using ethnically diverse, balanced shortlists for senior management to executive roles. For all other roles it will continue to recruit through its blind recruitment platform and will mandate structured panel interviews to mitigate bias at interview stage.

HarperCollins releases its first ethnicity pay gap report.


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