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If knowledge is power

From market information to business inspiration

The business world is changing faster than ever. Decision-makers need robust insights to help them make decisions, but the time required to design and conduct primary research is too long and the cost is too high.

Our founders noticed that much of the data that businesses were collecting when they did research was never used. We realised that if all of that effort doing the research was shared, and the outputs of the research was also shared, the time to insight could be dramatically cut.

Insightflow is a platform for sharing and collaborating around knowledge productivity in all its forms. We accelerate the production of high quality, peer reviewed insights and in depth research reports.

We believe that this will help more businesses to be inspired by, and benefit from research and the researchers that create it.


Shared and private repositories for collaborative research.

Diversity & Inclusion

Some subjects are too big to be left to individual organisations. We all have a stake in the future of business and the society we live in. Our Diversity & Inclusion Library will pull together the latest knowledge and research into Diversity & Inclusion to help businesses to make better decisions and become more diverse and inclusive.

The Green Economy

We are seeing a huge shift across major economies as they seek to reduce carbon emissions. What does that mean for businesses? What is happening to consumer behaviour? How are markets responding and when will the right time be to act. Our Green Economy library will pull together research data that helps answer these.

Sector Libraries

Not everything is about the major shifts in the economy. Sometimes you need to know what is happening close to home. We are also curating a set of libraries that answer industry specific questions about market trends, opportunities customer behaviour changes, or simply provide insights into the customers and the market.

A platform to accelerate research workflows and connect researchers


Sharing, collaboration, tools


Capture, manage, share and promote your primary and desk-based research on the platform privately or in shared libraries. Add research to the shared libraries to earn credits and to build your profile on the platform.


People learn from people. Great researchers understand the businesses they work with and act as storytellers and trusted advisers. Our platform allows direct connections between creators and consumers of research.


Our tools accelerate the research process by allowing you to add research sources in seconds. Collaborators can then create searchable “nuggets” of knowledge from those sources. You can search and filter relevant research and then quickly generate insights and reports from the nuggets using drag and drop.


Coming soon…

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The light is at the end of the tunnel.

We are almost done building the platform and if you would like to get early access and discounts, click below to register your interest.