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Throughout the 18th century, the London Coffee Houses were the centre of commerce, collaboration and networking. The Insightflow Café recreates the ambition and discovery of those times.

The Café has been created for the Market Research industry and its customers. Whether you’re just starting out, or have massive experience in research there will be something in the Café for you.

Before you can participate in the café, we need to take a few details

What’s in the Cafe?

The Insightflow cafe has been created by industry professionals for industry professionals. 

  • We aim to help Market Research professionals grow their skills, build their networks and to help and support others. 
  • Insightflow Café is a place where you can relax with your peers and talk about the serious stuff – and the not-so-serious stuff.
  • Here you can make contacts that will be with you throughout your career – or support the next generation in the industry.

Great content

Events Listing

We collect and create useful, current and mold breaking content from all parts of the Market Research industry.

We bring together major industry events into one list. We also run a few of our own!

Topic driven discussions


Meet and chat with people facing the same issues as you – or contribute your thoughts and raise your own profile!

Create a network of friends, collaborators and mentors in the Insightflow Café

Look out for…!

Our virtual café online where you can meet and talk face-to-face with other members at any time.

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