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The broader the input the better the questions and the better the answers!

We value businesses getting access to a wide range of opinions and insight over relying on limited viewpoints

Our fourth manifesto article refers to the fact that most businesses are only able to use a relatively limited set of research inputs – this affects not only the result set they see but also means that they often aren’t encouraged to ask the right questions.

It is a truth. High quality research – whether qualitative or quantitative – is expensive. Many businesses do not have means to commission different approaches and viewpoints. Most don’t have the luxury of commissioning formal research at all. This leads to a situation where the core insight and evidence base used to make business-critical decisions is often not enough to give the decision maker the true confidence they’d like.

In fact, the problem often starts long before the decision maker is looking at research results. A good research process will help the client develop and understand the questions they really need answered long before the expense of conducting research is incurred. The best research process will reveal previous work and conclusions that either shape the path of future research or, sometimes, provide enough of an answer.

Creating an opportunity for a wider group of research specialists to look at questions and context or to comment on the insights that are considered relevant can only help create a body of research for any particular client that is better defined, built from a broader base or more tailored to that clients’ needs.

It’s not just the business decision maker who can benefit from this approach. In-house researchers, insight teams and junior managers will all be helped if their references are broadened and their knowledge base enrichened.

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