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We need you to help us run our social libraries!

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We're asking you to support our social libraries

  • By adding and sharing new content
  • By collaborating to make it better
  • By donating to help fund our research
We think these are vital topics in which to build social knowledge

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  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • The Green Economy
  • More to come in the future!
Insightflow is committed to making this knowledge available

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  • We will continue to research and build the data
  • It will always be free to all members of Insightflow
  • We promise to make it more and more useful
Individuals and businesses can help us do this

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  • By sharing what you know or have discovered
  • By collaborating to make the contents richer and more useful
  • By donating to support the libraries
We welcome sponsorship discussions

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  • Do you want to discuss a one-off sponsorship?
  • Do you want to make developing knowledge a key part of your ESG programme?
  • Would like to partner with Insightflow to make our social knowledge more useful to more people?

Please talk to us!


Our free social libraries help you make plans, decisions and policy.

The social spaces are:
  • Vital for planning & policy
  • Collaborative and co-created
  • Free to use
Supporting the social spaces
  • Insightflow commits to providing an ongoing support to these social spaces
  • The community continue to create assets and knowledge for sharing
  • You can donate towards that fund - but it's not compulsory
  • Our partners offer valuable content that can be shared for free

Understanding the implications and opportunities of the Green Economy

green ec header.png We are seeing a huge shift across major economies as they seek to reduce carbon emissions. What does that mean for businesses? What is happening to consumer behaviour? How are markets responding and when will the right time be to act. Our Green Economy library will pull together research data that helps answer these.

The benefits and challenges of implementing Diversity and Inclusion initiatives

D&I library header.png Some subjects are too big to be left to individual organisations. We all have a stake in the future of business and the society we live in. Our Diversity & Inclusion Library will pull together the latest knowledge and research into Diversity & Inclusion to help businesses to make better decisions and become more diverse and inclusive.



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