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Our (currently) virtual space for anyone interested in knowledge productivity in all its forms to hang out and learn from each other

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The Research Café

OK, so it isn’t a real café (yet), but we do love all the things you can find in a café. More importantly, if you produce, consume, or are interested in market or customer knowledge in all its forms, the Insightflow Café is a space designed for you. You can meet up, see what others are doing in the sector, learn from each other and contribute your own ideas and experiences.

We are a small but rapidly growing community and membership is free, so why not register now?

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We are always looking for people who want to take part in our journey


Our members drive the agenda. Articles and discussions about the issues that the practitioners think are important.
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The Café events series is designed to showcase great people and great ideas. Currently they are virtual events, but we will be launching live events as soon as possible!
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