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The Insightflow TeamBoost process


Phase 1

Investigation and education

Ensuring that we understand how your business works and can identify where Gen AI can help most.

Get the full picture

We will work with you to deliver workshops, internal surveys and interviews.

A clear roadmap

You will clearly understand the low-hanging fruit and see the best places to invest in Gen AI. We will also help you prioritise which areas or processes should be taken forward to the prototype stage.


Phase 2

Proof of concept

We will work with you to create low-cost proofs of concept and to validate the conclusions of the previous phase.

Build prototypes and workflows.

We will create working prototypes of Gen AI digital assistants which will give you and your teams clear proofs of concept.


By the end of this stage, you will have confidence that the gen AI tool can work for your business. You will understand how it fits into your organisation and be able to prioritise the tools that will have the most impact.


Phase 3

Full implementation

This phase takes the ideas and learning generated in Phase 2 and delivers fully working tools to your teams.

Make it real

We will take all the learning and results to date and create user-friendly working tools. We will integrate them into the Insightflow platform where you will benefit from both the power of Gen AI and the knowledge productivity gains offered by Insightflow.

An enhanced team

This allows your entire workforce to benefit from custom-designed workflows, Gen AI tools, and dramatically increased productivity.



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