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Insightflow TeamBoost for team leaders

Insightflow TeamBoost can provide you with flexible additional team members when you need them, where you need them, doing the things you need them to do.

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Insightflow TeamBoost can help you make your teams more flexible, responsive and productive

How do I recruit when headcounts are restricted?

orange stripe thin.png It's frustrating when corporate policy is stopping teams growing to meet real demand.

How can I help my team be more productive?

orange stripe thin.png When most or all of your team are working as hard as possible, it's difficult to squeeze extra productivity form them.

How do I scale my teams faster?

orange stripe thin.png As a team leader you know that the demands on your team can change very quickly - putting pressure on your existing team members.


Whatever the staff requirement you have, Insightflow TeamBoost can deliver the right digital assistant

here are a few examples of how Gen AI digital assistants might help your organisation - but there are many more potential opportunities. Our process will help you work out what you need and implement flexible solutions designed for you.

Digital Assistant

A digital assistant who can find and organise the things you need

Digital Researcher

A digital researcher who can identify, classify and report on new information or data and make it available to your teams or the wider organisation.

Digital Analyst

A digital analyst who can review the data you have, see and report on trends and bring together dispersed evidence to help you understand what it means.

Digital Writer

A digital writer who can create emails, blogs and reports on demand.

Digital Project Coordinator

A digital project coordinator who can help identify and allocate tasks and keep an eye on progress.

Digital Sales Assistant

A digital sales assistant who can help identify leads from data, write introductory emails and make appointments.

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Insightflow TeamBoost is structured to help you where you most need it

Phase 1: Discovery & Education

orange stripe thin.pngWe work with you through interviews and workshops to understand where AI could have the most impact in your organisation.

From this you will get a clear set of priorities and areas that will drive the most defined benefit.

Phase 2: Proof of Concept

orange stripe thin.pngThe proof of concept phase takes an agreed number of the workflows that were identified in Phase One and turn them into basic working prototypes.

During this phase, there are analysis and design workshops to drill down into the details of how the existing workflows are done. There will also be demos and walkthroughs to help tune the prototypes and ensure that the flows meet your needs.

Phase 3: Implementation

orange stripe thin.pngDuring this phase the prototypes that were built in the previous phase are implemented on the Insightflow Knowledge Productivity Platform.

This gives your entire workforce the opportunity to benefit from custom-designed workflows and to drive productivity.


Insightflow TeamBoost can overcome the major concerns about AI

AI isn't trained on my data

orange stripe thin.png We can connect the AI agents you choose to use to your own data and help you ensure that the workflows you use are fed by the most relevant data you have.

If we use AI our private information is released to the public

orange stripe thin.png We will set up stores, spaces and workflows that are totally unique and private to your organisation. Nobody can see it without your permission.

There are too many different AI agents out there

orange stripe thin.png The TeamBoost process is founded on helping you select which agent or agents you need. Our workflows will bring them together for you and ensure you're able to use the right tool at the right time.



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