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Here's a quick overview of the features and thinking in Insightflow

An overview of Insightflow


Capture data sources, data, documents and nuggets of knowledge that you and others can use.

Collect data and information

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  • Make sure it's never lost
  • Tag, describe and define your core information
  • Make it available to others and make sure they can find it
Organise your work

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  • Put it in your own workspace, where you can work privately with the information
  • Send into team spaces where you and your team can collaborate
  • Share it into social spaces where you can add to and benefit from the expert members of Insightflow


Quickly get up to speed on a topic by searching and filtering knowledge files from other users

Fast, effective search

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  • Insightflow's search tools find results fast
  • Pinpoint what you need using tags and filters
  • Search across your own files or those of other people
Save effort with saved searches

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  • Searches are saved so you don't have to repeat the filtering
  • Search results are made available where you need them
  • Quickly browse results to get what you need when you need it


Create your own knowledge document to build and share your knowledge from existing files

Build Knowledge quickly

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  • Combine assets to build knowledge
  • Highlight excerpts that you want to focus on
  • Hierarchical structure aids the fast production of stories
Create knowledge that others can use

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  • Combine and recombine from your own research
  • Use what others have done to add richness
  • Choose the levels of access to your knowledge

Insightflow drives business



Describe your files with tags so you and others can find them, or let our tagbot do it for you (coming soon)

Describe individual assets

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  • Quickly tag using our smart tagging features
  • Create your own tags to drive your projects
  • Create topics and themes for your files
Workplaces and Spaces help structure knowledge

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  • Work in your own private workplace
  • Share in the Insightflow social spaces
  • Set up private team spaces


Build your knowledge graph by relating files. Quickly build your knowledge by including existing assets in your own.

The Insightflow Knowledge Graph builds information relationships

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  • Drag and drop to automatically create links between files
  • View and click on the map of connections to follow ideas
Give readers confidence

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  • Quickly see where ideas originated
  • Click through to view the evidence that has been presented
  • Follow the chain back to original sources


Visit a library to find information and knowledge quickly. Share your sources and knowledge with others.

Insightflow enables open collaboration

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  • Work together to drive deeper knowledge
  • Find the subject matter experts you need
  • Build a shared information pool
Insightflow makes teams work better

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  • Team and corporate knowledge is easily recovered
  • Team spaces reduce wastage and inefficiency
  • Write once, use many times

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