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We have a wide range of plans designed to suit you - however you want to use Insightflow

How it works
  • Generous Free plans
  • Flexible pricing
  • Move between tiers when it suits you or your business
What you get
  • 100 free files - sources, notes, documents or reports
  • Your Workspace - your private area to help you build knowledge
  • Access to Team spaces - collections of files where you can collaborate with other users

Social Spaces

There is no limit on assets you create and share in our social libraries. We love people who collaborate to build knowledge in areas that will benefit society.


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What's included

  • Free to every member of Insightflow
  • A key part of Insightflow's committment to social good
  • Expertise, data and knowledge about the key issues

Personal Knowledge Builder

Start with a free account to use the full suite of Insightflow tools - we'll give you 100 free files. After that you can choose the tier level you need.

From £10/mo

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What's included

  • 100 personal files for free
  • Personal Workspace - with unlimited files

Team Space

If you create files in a team space, these count towards the team limit that is set for the space. Team spaces start with 150 free files and are managed by the team lead.

From £50/mo

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What's included

  • Ensure that key data is never lost and that everybody who needs it can find it!
  • Work as a team on a project - or across your organisation
  • Speed up the production of knowledge in your organisation

Insightflow delivers the outcomes you need

Driving Decisions
  • Making your own decisions
  • Helping other people make decisions
  • Influencing decisions
Facilitating learning
  • Formal learning and courses
  • Informal learning
  • Workplace training
  • Product information
Supporting Perspectives
  • Thought leadership
  • Content marketing
  • Policies
  • Terms & Conditions

Insightflow drives business



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